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My graphic design philosophy centers on quality. The design’s final distribution method frames all my decisions, because I am skilled at creating both digital and print assets. My background is a technical degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in Graphic Communication. Therefore, I have a grounded, practical approach to graphic design and branding. My goal is to communicate your message to achieve direct results.

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One-to-one or personalized marketing is a cutting edge field. My senior thesis consisted of working on a research team for Adobe's Research and Development department. We used variable data printing (VDP) to generate test files that were highly-personalized, relevant, and graphically-rich printed marketing collateral to build stronger customer relationships and increase response rates significantly in comparison to static, non-personalized marketing campaigns.

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Photography is one of my greatest passions. I was trained as a photojournalist by the San Jose Mercury News. This shaped my preference to capture authentic, natural moments. Often times I take a preliminary picture while my subject is posing, only to click the shutter again to capture the relaxed moment that follows when the subject thinks you’ve finished.

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I spent two years in a film program working with professional equipment and software. We studied narrative, documentary and experimental filmmaking. However, my experience with print journalism carried over into a love for telling real stories on screen. I think weaving people’s narratives together to convey a larger message is incredibly powerful.

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From the time I could hold a No. 2 pencil, writing has come naturally to me. In high school, I devoted my life to journalism. Working with professional journalists allowed me to see the depressed state of the industry first hand, but didn’t stem my rabid appetite for communication. In college, I sought out opportunities to work for organizations that were experimenting with new publishing models. My dream is to one-day make multi-media publishing a form of mainstream entertainment.

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